Winter testing: what are you driving?

Racing is a game of match-ups: enter the off-season. It’s upon us all and it will make more victims than ever before. In the ever changing world of “what will we do next year?”, the driver has to be the priority. He has to be ready for whatever comes next and he should never worry about what and where he will race.

Winter testing

Let’s take for example the huge changes made this season by the FIA to the structure of what we in the industry call “the ladder” to Formula 1: at present there is a torment of emotions and relative confusion. People started working in the background to make sure the drivers they look after have the best chance of “making it” in the new racing environment. Because of this tedious process, some of the managers and parents forgot that the drivers need to be in the car over winter and to be ready for the ultra-competitive championships which emerged from the fuming hard drivers of the FIA computers. Forgetting this, in our book, is a big mistake!

After talking to teams it was surprising to find out how many people were still enquiring at the beginning of November regarding seats in the Abu Dhabi GP3 post-season testing. That is the sort of deal which should have been done in September.

It seems like some drivers and managers decided to “just wait and see” who gets the new Tatuus cars for Regional F3 and Renault Eurocup before deciding who they should test with. Again, that seems a bit wrong because other drivers are progressing in the meantime.

The following months are key for driver preparation. This is when the difference will be made and it is important to be active and drive as much as possible, but with the right people and the right package around the driver. If you need any help, just get in touch. We have all the right phone numbers in our rolodex. Well, you get the picture…

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